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Jason Chagnon is president of Providentia Marketing, a website and digital marketing firm specializing in the home care industry. Providentia Marketing offers a range of services to satisfy the marketing needs and fit the budgets of all kinds of senior care firms. The company was founded with a simple mission: to make great marketing more affordable to the senior care industry. Whether you’re looking for an effective way to stand out from the competition or you just need a new website, they can provide it. To reach them call 888-229-8057 or visit providentiamarketing.com.

Home Care and Coronavirus: What to Communicate to Clients, and How to Do It

By |2020-03-19T12:10:08-04:00March 19th, 2020|Home Care Industry Research|

The past couple of weeks have been very overwhelming for most Americans. A new coronavirus COVID-19 went from being a far-off mystery disease to becoming a significant domestic challenge, changing every aspect of daily life. Most home care agencies are scrambling to create (or enhance) infection control programs and other risk-mitigation protocols. But effective communication is equally critical.

How Strategic Partnerships Can Help Improve Your Home Care Brand

By |2020-03-04T13:59:18-05:00March 9th, 2020|Sales & Marketing|

“Branding” has become more-and-more important for home health marketing in recent years, given ever-increasing competition and the rise of social media culture. Companies have always been concerned about their reputations, but the wide-spread sharing of “reviews” online has increased the pressure. Wise home care industry leaders spend considerable energy fostering the right brand.

Why the Holiday Season is the Best Time to Ramp-Up Home Health and Home Care Marketing Campaigns

By |2019-11-13T19:45:37-05:00November 13th, 2019|Marketing Tips|

Home care and home health agencies are often looking for ways to connect with referral sources, prospective caregivers and potential clients. Fortunately, the Holiday Season is awash in outreach opportunities! A multitude of holiday-related events and announcements justify in-person sales calls, social media campaigns and email blasts, while a general sense of goodwill ensures that prospects are receptive to the efforts.