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Top 5 Ways Caregiver Agencies Can Secure Long-Term Care Insurance Referrals

By |April 20th, 2020|Marketing Tips|

Experienced home care agency owners and marketers love to discuss the seemingly-mythical sources of “funded” home care. And why wouldn’t they? After all, non-medical home care services aren’t typically covered by Medicare or private healthcare insurance. The idea of financial resources that limit out-of-pocket costs is very attractive to both clients and agencies.

Home Care and Coronavirus: What to Communicate to Clients, and How to Do It

By |March 19th, 2020|COVID-19 Resources, Home Care Industry Research|

The past couple of weeks have been very overwhelming for most Americans. A new coronavirus COVID-19 went from being a far-off mystery disease to becoming a significant domestic challenge, changing every aspect of daily life. Most home care agencies are scrambling to create (or enhance) infection control programs and other risk-mitigation protocols. But effective communication is equally critical.

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