Search Engine Optimization – Why it Matters for Home Care Marketing

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Search engine optimization. You’ve probably heard those words thrown around a time or two. But what exactly does it mean, and why should it even matter for your home care business? SEO—or search engine optimization—is actually a huge component of any website, including your own.

7 SEO Tips for Growing Your Home Care Business

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Being easily accessible is not only an essential aspect of your home care business, it's also a needed part of your online presence. Potential patients are looking for reliable and trustworthy home-care providers. The best way to showcase your reliability and trustworthiness is by showing it through your website and social media accounts. By following [...]

Local SEO Performance: 5 Tips for Your Home Care Marketing

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The best marketing strategies for home care agencies include using local SEO. If your home care business serves a few different locations, then local SEO is essential to make sure that you are driving targeted traffic in these specific regions. For example, if you are a home care business that only serves Miami, FL, you [...]

Common Misconceptions of Local SEO Home Care Marketing Strategies

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Every business with an online presence wants higher rankings in search — especially Google search. That’s not the big secret, but how it’s actually accomplished is. Local SEO success requires a game plan, and the execution of that plan to perfection so you can maximize the amount of keyword terms you rank highly for. Of [...]

What Happens When You Stop Producing Original Content?

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Today, content overload is a very real problem. There are blogs, social posts, videos, podcasts, press releases and much more available at the click of a mouse. So, is a blogging program, often the core of marketing strategies for home care agencies, really effective? The answer is yes. A content strategy that includes posting original [...]

Does Blogging Help Drive More Inbound Leads for Home Care Agencies?

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The short answer: you better believe it! Take a look at what we were able to do for a staffing client. Our marketing team recently began blogging for a staffing agency with two offices in Wisconsin. The Goal: This company has two main goals (just like nearly every other home health care organization): Drive more [...]

SEO in 2017: Create a Plan for a Long-Term, High Performing Website (part 3 of 3)

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Your home care website is responsive. Fast. Secure. And delivers an amazing user experience. What else should you be doing to ensure it generates solid leads and attracts more qualified clients? You need a plan – for content and backlinks, that is. In this final installment of our SEO in 2017 post series, we’ll explain why [...]

SEO in 2017: Boost Website Rankings and Conversions with Speed, Security & UX (part 2 of 3)

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Want your home care website to rank better, generate more leads and attract more qualified candidates? Then this series of posts on SEO is a must-read! In our first installment, we explained how responsive design and AMP technology make both Google and your site visitors happy. Today, we’ll explain three more factors which dramatically impact your [...]

SEO in 2017: A Checklist for Your Home Care Firm (part 1 of 3)

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For most people, driving in a car feels much safer than flying in an airplane. We dictate our future when we hold the steering wheel. We decide our direction, and we determine whether we reach our destination or not. Statistically, flying is much safer than driving, but most of us worry a lot more when [...]

Does Online Advertising Work for Every Home Care Business?

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In our first blog post in the PPC series, we provided a baseline of understanding about the world of pay-per-click advertising. Now that we’ve gotten our toes wet, it’s time to figure out if your home health business should even be considering online advertising as a marketing option. It might not be the best fit or [...]

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