What if I told you that your Facebook advertising could appear in front of “friends of a client’s loved ones in Houston” or “elder law attorneys in Denver?”

One of the incredibly effective features in online advertising comes in the form of detailed target audiences. Whenever businesses invest in marketing or advertising, they want to reach their core audience. It could be in a community newspaper or on a broadcast commercial. That target audience is important because your marketing budget is valuable.

It’s one of the great features of the very affordable options that Facebook advertising offers. Let’s look deeper into these target audience options.

Where Does the Data Come From?

Think about when you fill out a Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile or anything to do with Google. All of your information – geography, college, interests, employer, job titles, etc. – gets collected by Facebook.

Now, when we create ad campaigns in Facebook, we can’t see individual people, but I can tell you that 1,777,354 people list “Nurse” as their Job Title in their Facebook profile. Granted, we probably aren’t going to run a campaign with that big of an audience size, but it just shows how specific the targeting can be.

Where Have We Seen It Work?

The more detailed we can be in a Promoted Post, Boosted Post, Like campaign, PPC campaign or in Remarketing/Social Recruiting campaign, the better the results have been with audience reach, impressions and ultimately clicks and click-thru-rate.

Let’s look at a client targeting its industry. The client wanted to reach its audience in California but then also in the surrounding states. Their target was pretty specific and they made a healthy investment in a “Like Campaign” that started on July 1. The goal of a “Like Campaign” is to increase the number of Likes on your Facebook page.

Note: Why would you care about the number of likes you have? When you continually post good content to your Facebook page, then more people will see your blog posts and other important content. That develops a relationship with your increased audience size so they are more likely to pick up the phone or e-mail you when they have a need you can fulfill.

What Were the Results?

In six short weeks, the client went from 1,329 likes to 2,483 likes – an increase of 1,154 likes! That all came by targeting their chosen category in their state and also in surrounding states where they have a potential audience.

In that same time frame, the Facebook traffic back to the website increased by 197 percent while overall website traffic increased by 32 percent!

Use Targeted Audiences to Help Your Home Care Agency

In some fashion every home care agency should be using some sort of paid online advertising. There are a variety of solutions that can be custom fit to your goals. You might want to target a niche through a campaign on Google or create brand awareness through remarketing. Or maybe you want to target clients on Facebook to generate more leads.

Whatever your business challenge is, reaching the right target audience is imperative. Online advertising is a great way for that, and the Providentia Marketing can help you achieve that goal. Contact our great team today to get started with the right online advertising option for your company goals!